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Here is a link to an important interview between Jon Rappoport of and John Gibbons of Alchemy Radio, recorded in December of 2013.

Their conversation covers many important subjects, but one of the central themes is the power of imagination to reach beyond the world we perceive with the five senses and to create new realities. 

Beginning at approximately 22:00 into the interview, as part of a discussion in which he makes the critically important observation that the "artificial realities" that operate in the world around us are a product both of the groups who are propagating them and also of the people who accept them, Jon says:

This is something that has been going on ever since societies began to form, you know, groups, societies, nations, tribes, clans, on this planet. It is a pattern that has been repeated over and over again, and it extends to what most people would call extremely far-out, paranormal factors. And I will kind of try to put that in a nutshell by saying that the space-time continuum itself is a manufactured reality, ultimately -- that what we live in is itself a kind of a simulation, and people can become to one degree or another aware of this and do something about it. [. . .]

A short time later, building on this concept, he continues (at about 26:58):

What I came upon, and this was confirmed in my collaborative research with Jack True: imagination is the key. Imagination is the forgotten power. Imagination is that thing which we are told is a toy merely for children and when we become adults we set it aside so that we can fit into the world. Imagination is forever. Imagination is limitless power to create reality. Imagination is non-material. It has nothing to do with the brain. Its source is not in energy or matter or this continuum. Imagination for every individual is an infinite potential, an infinite capacity, to create reality as fact in the world, not merely as some sort of rumination inside one's own head. Knowing that, from my own experience and from my research with Jack True, I then -- to add to your comment, in a sense -- found the missing key: that when one begins to live a life of intense creativity, by and through imagination, eventually one comes to the point where he or she is manifesting this power to such a degree that so-called paranormal experiences begin to become the order of the day, and manufactured reality takes a back seat. And then we see what is really our legacy, our heritage, our natural state, our power. Nothing woo-woo or weird about it. It's only weird from a conventional android point of view. And face it: we live in an android civilization.

Note how Jon Rappoport here describes imagination: it puts us in touch with a reality which is beyond the reality which we perceive and decode with our five senses. It enables us to see through and ultimately to transcend artificial realities (and, previous posts have explored the fact that spinning forth artificial realities is an essential process in the creation and sustaining of tyrannies and injustices and conquests and oppressive systems). It enables us to create new realities. And it is the common heritage of all humanity.

This is clearly related to the subject being discussed in recent posts, including:

It can also be seen to be related to the definition of "blessing" discussed in this previous post, in that both have to do with reaching into a sphere beyond the material world, beyond what can be perceived with our five senses, and bringing back and infusing this world with the beneficial realities that are found beyond the ordinary world whose boundaries often seem to define all that is.

It is well worth listening to the entire interview. It is also worthwhile to go back and examine some of the related and equally world-changing points Jon Rappoport made during a talk he delivered at the Secret Space Program conference in San Mateo, California this past June, some of which are discussed here. He also has a coaching practice which he describes, appropriately enough, as "imagination work."

Exercise imagination -- and manufactured reality takes a back seat!